Perfect Day

Baby girl,

These pictures popped up on my Facebook memories this morning & they have been on my mind all day. They’re some of my favorite pictures of us, taken on a hike to Harper’s Ferry five years ago.

It was a drive that we made on a whim, on a rare Sunday that Daddy had off, with perfect weather. Rather than just sit home, we chose to go on a little adventure. I chose a destination that Google suggested on a map & off we went.

Sometimes the best kind of adventures are the ones unplanned….this was one of those times.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. It’s true. These pictures say it all.

I remember it all like it was yesterday. Walking the trails by the train tracks, crossing the bridges over the Shenandoah River, taking the shuttle bus tour to the battlegrounds & walking through the historic old town…

You girls got to even pet some horses too.

I remember the smiles. Feeling good about being out in nature. Excited about walking the trails to see what’s next; about not knowing where we would end up.

I remember how relieved we were to find that cute little restaurant with outdoor seating on top of a hill & finally being able to sit, drink & eat after all that walking.

I remember the beautiful view from the patio, overlooking the mountains & the trees…

Feeling for a moment that we were in a different place & time; another country, or perhaps even a different world. That for just that moment in time, we weren’t just hanging out in a quiet, little peaceful place only 40 minutes from home…

We were somewhere far, far away…Somewhere I wanted to maybe stay forever.

These are precious memories.

Looking at these pictures brings them back to me. Looking at the ones of you, brings you back to me…not in the way I want, but at least momentarily.

The black & white one especially because…

It wasn’t just a lucky shot. There was no posing or pretending.

It’s just you.

You, our beautiful sweet baby girl. In your purest, sweetest & most beautiful form. Our angel.

With that smile, that’s imprinted in our hearts & minds forever.

This picture, I had framed & sits in our living room everyday. Every time I walk by & see it, I am transported back to this day; this most perfect day.

I am reminded that our precious memories can never be taken away.

And knowing that I could go on for another day, it’s only because I know we’ll all be together again someday…somewhere far far away.

It will be again…another perfect day.

Love & miss you, with all my heart. Mommy

harpers ferry

2 thoughts on “Perfect Day

  1. Woow!! Que lindas palabras, para esa Linda hija wue no esta contigo en fisicamente pero siempre muy dentro de tu Corazon y tu mente, fuele mucho al leer todo eso ,porque la verdad es wue nuestra Hailey tu Hailey es y seguirà siendo la niña Las Linda que Dios Creò😍😍


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